Tyee YC visits the “French Riviera”

Conundrum joined Tyee YC’s June sunset cruise down to Des Moines, WA. Getting underway about 3p Friday, we had head winds and an ebb tide that slowed us a bit but we made it along with passing a couple of friends on the way. Kokanee and the Journey were steaming along at about 8-10 kt and we figured we’d get in ahead of them and help them in. Friday night was docktails and then dinner up in town. 11 of us feasted on chinese and had a wonderful time talking about what else… boating and cruising in the PNW!

Saturday was breakfast on the Ocean Dream. Kevin and Bonnie laid out a spread of croissants and all the fixins along with some fabulous french press coffee. It was a lazy day on Conundrum and we got some reading in, tinkered on the boat, and took a walk up into town for some quick shopping. There was also a nice little farmer’s market set up right by the marina. Everyone strolled through and found some nice gifts, fresh produce, or just grabbed lunch on the go at the amazing food trucks that were present. By Saturday evening all boats were in and we had 6 rafted and stern tied up to the dock! Dinner was a pot luck with a french theme. Everyone brought their favorite recipes and there was even a french wine tasting, again courtesy of our fleet captain Kevin!

Sunday people we on their own for the most part given it was Father’s day. A small crew that stuck around the dock gathered on Conundrum for coffee and breakfast. By noon everyone began preparations for departure. A 1pm departure ensured we had a following sea and a nice light wind pushing us on our short trip back to Seattle. Thank you Tyee YC for a great weekend on the “French Riviera” down in Des Moines. We are looking forward to the next cruise!

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